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Name is Luke Jordan. 👋🏼 Unapologetically Queer. Idealist & Social Activist. Chronic over-sharer. Talks social justice with a sprinkle of sass & a scandalous overuse of emojis ✌🏼

FYI - Your emails with be full of them. You're welcome 💋

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Luke Jordan, Founder of Studio Potts and, posing at the camera making a peace symbol with his hands and sticking his tongue out.

Who is she? Where did you find her?

I’ve been creating since I could first pick up a pencil, and was introduced to the Adobe Creative Suite at 13. My first real taste of being a designer was at 15 when I accepted a paid opportunity to brand a property services start-up in the North East.

After graduating with a First-Class BA Honours Degree in Design and working in some of the biggest brand agencies in the North East, I set-up solo at and launched Studio Potts at 21.

In the past 4 years I have worked with Freelance Clients, National Start-ups, International Businesses, and on Government Programmes. This has not only fuelled my love for design but also ignited a passion for business.


Manchester Gay Village, Canal Street
Manchester Northern Quarter - Creative Manchester



As an adopted Mancunian, Studio Potts is Manchester-based. A city that embraces culture, diversity, creativity, and has proven time and time again to bring people together in hardship.

Manchester's values of People, Pride and Place make it the most fitting place for the studio to call home.

If you're a Manchester-based, lets grab a coffee. Outside of the Manchester? That's okay, we've got zoom and a kettle ✌️

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